What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency in 2022?

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its unique features and potential benefits. In this blog, we will explore some of the key benefits of using cryptocurrency. In conclusion, cryptocurrency has a number of benefits that make it a viable alternative to traditional financial systems. Its decentralized […]

How Best Atomic swaps work – Explained in detail in 2022

pessawave is a platform for creating secure non-custodial crypto wallets with exchange

Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps on Qtum Abstract The inability to perform cross-chain swaps are one of the many problems that burden the blockchain industry. It constrains the application of the blockchain technology. Among all solutions, HTLC (Hash Time-Locked Contract) ensures the atomicity of cross-chain transactions, which has the highest security. This paper proposes an HTLC implementation […]